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AIKIDO was created by Morihei Ueshiba, known to practitioners as O'Sensei (which means Great Teacher). O'Sensei, an expert in various martial arts, created AIKIDO out of the desire for the individual to develop their full potential as such, both physically and mentally. The word AIKIDO can be translated as "the way (Do) to unite (Ai) all our inner energy (Ki)".

Ramos Mejia Aikikai
Persano Alejandro Sensei
AIKIDO techniques do not combine force against force, which is why it is not necessary to be particularly strong to start practicing it. Also, these techniques are defensive in nature, and do not require an aggressive personality. However, by practicing AIKIDO you will become a strong person and will develop security and power in your movements.

Since AIKIDO is practiced in pairs, you have the ability to learn from others while helping them learn from you. This open-mindedness that characterizes the practice creates an extremely healthy climate in the Dojo (place of practice).

In short, AIKIDO is good for your body, mind and heart. As if all that weren't enough, AIKIDO is fun too. It is not correct to think that AIKIDO changes people. However, it can be said that people can change through AIKIDO.

Who practices AIKIDO?

Due to its principle of non-violence and harmonization, the Art has no limitations of sex or age since each one practices according to their possibilities and at their own pace.

From infancy to old age, men and women practice AIKIDO around the world. In addition, due to the type of movements and by not using physical force during practice, AIKIDO offers many health benefits, such as correction of postural problems, elimination of tension, correct breathing management, among others.
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