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Persian Alejandro Shidoin 4th Dan

Persano Alejandro Sensei
Le Vigan - Francia
Ikeda Shihan - Persano Sensei

Persano Alejandro Shidoin (4th. Dan of Aikido) began his practice in this martial art in August 2004 in a Dojo temporarily opened by Sensei Figueroa in the Ramos Mejía area. This Dojo stopped working the following year, so he continued his practices in the Morón area at the Figueroa´s Sensei Dojo.

With the endorsement of Sakanashi Masafumi Shihan, on December 5, 2009 he took the Shodan exam, obtaining the 1st graduation. Dan.
On November 16, 2013 with the endorsement of Yamada Shihan, he took the Nidan exam, obtaining the 2nd graduation. Dan; being examined by Claude Berthiaume Shihan (7th Dan) and by Peter Bernath Shihan (7th Dan).
From his beginnings in the practice of Aikido he showed his desire to learn and improve himself, his best qualities being constancy and perseverance. His teaching vocation leads him fully to seek the path of learning and teaching.
In 2011 he began teaching Aikido by founding the Masakatsu Agatsu Dojo.
On March 4, 2017, receive the 3rd. Dan.
In 2018 he re-founded his Masakatsu Agatsu dojo as Ramos Mejía Aikikai.
In March 2018, he joined Aikido Shimbokukai (International Association supported by Hombu Dojo and Aikikai Foundation), and began an integration process as a direct student of Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan 7 th Dan.
In August 2018 Persano Sensei, travels to the European Seminar in Le Vigan (France), in charge of Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan, both to participate in said event, and to formalize the student-teacher bond.
In January 2020, he participated in Ikeda Shihan Seminar in Costa Rica.
In December 2021, takes his last exam (4th Dan), being his examiner Tomoleoni Shihan (6th Dan), president of the Aikido Shimbokukai Organization (Belonging to Hombu Dojo Aikikai).
In September 2022, received recognition as Shidoin from Tomoleoni Shihan, with the endorsement of Ikeda Shihan, for his dedication and commitment to the practice and teaching of Aikido.
In February 2023, he participated in Ikeda Shihan Seminar in Escazu, Costa Rica.
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